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Pre-K Report 2018

Girl 1: "Do you want to marry someone pretty?" Boy: "Yeah." Girl 1: "Do you want to marry me?" Boy: "Yeah." Girl 1: "That makes my heart so happy! Thank you." Girl 2 to Boy: "Do you want to marry me?" Boy: "Okay." Me: "Wait. You can only marry one....well. No. If you want to remarry then I guess, yes." Girl 1: "Okay I'll go first." Girl 2: "Aw man." Girl 1: "Its ok. Girls can marry girls."


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Me getting to know my new group of kids. Me: "Where do you like to go eat?" 4-year old girl: "Taco Bell! I wish I could eat it every day." Second 4-year old girl: "Carrots." Me: "No. Where do you like

4-year old girl: "My mom's boobies ran out of milk." Me: "Excuse me?" 4-year old girl: "My little brother is mad at my mom because her boobies ran out of milk. He drank it all." Me: "I don't know wher

Me: "Do any of you have pets?" 4-year old girl: "No. I'm allergic to cats and dogs. And very allergic to horses. Its hilarious." Me: "I don't think you know what hilarious means." #prekreport

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