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Girl 1: "Do you want to marry someone pretty?" Boy: "Yeah." Girl 1: "Do you want to marry me?" Boy: "Yeah." Girl 1: "That makes my heart so happy! Thank you." Girl 2 to Boy: "Do you want to marry me?" Boy: "Okay." Me: "Wait. You can only marry one....well. No. If you want to remarry then I guess, yes." Girl 1: "Okay I'll go first." Girl 2: "Aw man." Girl 1: "Its ok. Girls can marry girls."


4-year old girl: "Jessica likes pancakes." Me: "Who's Jessica?" 4-year old girl: "She was my daddy's friend. But I don't see her anymore." Me: "Why not?" 4-year old girl: "Because she doesn't love my daddy. She loves her new boyfriend." Me: "Oh so she moved on huh?" 4-year old girl: "Yeah with daddy's friend. So now him and daddy aren't friends anymore either. But daddy isn't too mad at him. He's more mad at Jessica."


Some things said today...

5-year old girl: "Does anyone like Alexander Hamilton? Come on, guys! I'm not throwing away my shot!"

5-year old boy: "My parents said Donald Trump is the smartest President. And the best President."

5-year old girl: "If you don't drink water, you'll die."

4-year old girl: "I throwed up in my car when we were taking pictures."

5-year old girl: "Michael Lobo, one time, I was sick and I had a really, really high fever at my grandma's house. I couldn't sleep and my grandma gave me cherry medicine. Yeah. Then she said, 'Drink it up like your dad drinks Fireball.'"

Me: "Do you have more trains like this one at home?" 4-year old boy: "No but I have guitar lessons."


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