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Me: "Do any of you have pets?" 4-year old girl: "No. I'm allergic to cats and dogs. And very allergic to horses. Its hilarious." Me: "I don't think you know what hilarious means."


4-year old girl: "I wish we could have Chipotle here because it's my favorite dinner all the time. It has guacamole, chips and apple juice. Also, I went ice skating. Real life. Real life, guys. I pet a alligator. I did. I did. My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings." 4-year old boy: "Hey that's my favorite movie too!" 4-year old girl: "Oh my gosh! BFF!"


Us watching the hermit crabs walk around the table. A small wet streak appears under one of them.

Michelle: "Did that one just pee? Wait I think I smell it too." 4-year old boy: "Maybe you're smelling yourself."


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