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Boy 1: "I've seen Santa and touched him."

Boy 2: "No, you haven't!"

Me: "Why do you say that?"

Boy 2: "Because his magic doesn't work if kids are awake."

Me: "OK and why do you say you've seen him?" Boy 1: "Because I saw him!"

Me: "Where did you see him?"

Boy1: "At Bass Pro Shop!"


Me getting to know my new group of kids.

Me: "Where do you like to go eat?" 4-year old girl: "Taco Bell! I wish I could eat it every day." Second 4-year old girl: "Carrots." Me: "No. Where do you like to eat at?" Second 4-year old girl: "At home." Third 4-year old girl: "I like to eat at a Mexican restaurant but I don't remember what its called." Second 4-year old girl: "Oh I got it. McDonald's!" Third 4-year old girl: "Yeah that's the Mexican restaurant!" Me: "McDonald's is not a Mexican restaurant."


4-year old girl: "My mom's boobies ran out of milk." Me: "Excuse me?" 4-year old girl: "My little brother is mad at my mom because her boobies ran out of milk. He drank it all." Me: "I don't know where to go with this." 4-year old girl: "Can I have more Cheez-Its?"


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